Convert BSL file format to FIF.


pcl2fif(fname[, out_dir, external_event, ...])

Convert BSL pickle format to MNE Raw format., out_dir=None, external_event=None, precision='double', replace=False, overwrite=True)#

Convert BSL pickle format to MNE Raw format.

  • fname (file-like) – Pickle file path to convert to .fif format.

  • out_dir (path-like) – Saving directory. If None, it will be the directory fname.parent/'fif'.

  • external_event (file-like) – Event file path in text format, following MNE event structure. Each row should be: index 0 event.

  • precision (str) – Data matrix format. [single|double|int|short], 'single' improves backward compatibility.

  • replace (bool) – If True, previous events will be overwritten by the new ones from the external events file.

  • overwrite (bool) – If True, overwrite the previous file.